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Surreal Photos from Around the World

Eight surreal photos by eight artists from eight different countries - Ireland, Malaysia, the US, Turkey, Holland, Sweden, Russia and France. Proof that visual art is an international language without boundaries!

The images on this page will give you a flavour of the tremendous talent there is in the world today in the fascinating field of surreal photography.

surreal image -
Speeding Things Up by Mattijn Franssen

Dutch Mattijn Franssen's surreal images are truly breathtaking and matched only by his breadth of vision and utterly superb techniques. Click the link to see more images on Franssen's website.

surreal image -
Stryktålig by Erik Johansson

Swedish Erik Johansson presents us with surreal images that are realer-than-real, if that's possible! Anything can happen here! Click the link to see more images of Johansson's work.

surreal image -
Surreal Image by Steve Chong

With great clarity, and superbly strong compositions, Malaysian Steve Chong's award-winning photos and tutorials will leave you feeling truly inspired. There are also lots of useful tips on Chong's website as to how he makes his pictures.

surreal photo
Mirrors by Bogdan Zwir

Classicism combines with surrealism in the experimental photography of Russian Bogdan Zwir to produce absurd yet captivating images - not to be missed! Click the link for more of his work at Zwir's website.

surreal image -
Save Me from Myself by Murat Sayginer

Click the link to go enter the surreal dream world of Turkish surrealist photographer and digital artist Murat Sayginer who has already won several awards for his work although he only became involved with photography in 2007. Definitely one to watch.

surreal image -
Who shall have a fishy on a little dishy by Ellen M McDermott

Irish photographer and artist, Ellen McDermott, has been neglecting her painting in favour of experiments in the field of photographic portraiture with strange but wonderful results. Go to Ellen McDermott's blog to see more of her highly-original portraits.

surreal image -
Changement de Quartier by Alastair Magnaldo

There is true magic and a beguiling, innocence in the wonderful world of Alastair Magnaldo. Magnaldo is French but the quality of his beautiful pictures speaks for itself and needs no translation. Click the link to go to the website of Alastair Magnaldo.

surreal image
Surreal Image by Tom Ross

If you are interested in creating your own surreal photos but don't know how to do it, American Tom Ross, who created the surreal landscape image above, has an easy-to-follow tutorial on his website. All the files that he used to put together the above picture are downloadable from the site, and Tom's clear, step-by-step instructions will guide you through everything you need to know.

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