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  • Start using the manual controls on your camera and GET CREATIVE! My guide will show you how.
  • Gain the confidence you need to use the Creative Zone controls
  • Find out how to always get the right exposure
  • Find out how to get perfectly focussed shots
  • Read my great tips for making the most of light in the autumn and winter months
  • Read yet more tips for creative shooting in spring and summer
  • Find out which lens is best for the shot you want to make
  • Discover a range of low-cost accessories which will really enhance your creativity and help you get even better shots.
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Review by wildlife photographer Mario Fazekas

This eBook is a must for those who have just purchased a DSLR or who are trading in their old point and shoot for a new DSLR.

We have seen too many people who spend a lot of money on new camera gear but they don't learn the basics. This book fills that void and will enable you to take charge of your camera in a short space of time.

The book has seven sections starting with a discussion on why you should say good- bye to automatic. Many amateur photographers set their cameras on automatic (or program mode) and then wonder why there shots don't look good. This is because your camera is taking the shot and not you!

The book then moves on to how you can achieve perfect exposure and discusses the different types of metering, exposure compensation plus bracketing for tricky subjects and then understanding histograms.

Perfect focus is another critical element of a good photograph and the next section focuses on autofocus systems, including setting the focus point and focusing at night.

Anne, the author, then goes on to discuss her top tips for photography during the four seasons. This section is important as many people stay indoors when there is adverse weather yet you can get some dramatic photos when there is snow, rain, mist and other adverse weather conditions.

The last two sections cover lenses and low-cost, must-have accessories that can take your photography to the next level.

The book is short yet comprehensive with a good layout that makes for easy reading plus there are striking pictures that will inspire your creativity. Overall a very nice book that we strongly recommend.

Mario Fazekas
Kruger 2 Kalahari