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Street photography is my favourite genre of photography. I love the freedom, the sense of discovery, the excuse to always be visiting new places, chance encounters with people I have never met before and may never meet again, and so much more... I have many photographs that come into this category and I continue to make new ones frequently so I have created this ongoing section in order to share some of my photos and some tips and techniques to help you with your own photography.

Articles on Street Photography

1. Candid Street Photography

Candid street photography is a type of street photography which shows people as they are... (click to read more)

2. Posed Street Photography

Posed street photography is the antithesis of candid street photography and if you read my previous article... (click to read more)

3. Street Photography Techniques

Look at people's hands. Their body language is often most purposely expressed in the hands. In the image above the young boy's face is quite neutral and you don't notice... (click to read more)

4. Street Photography India & Sacred Cows

Street photography India and sacred cows are a great combination - everywhere you go in India there is colour - and cows! Cows are revered in India but when you first visit the country... (click to read more)

5. Urban Street Photography

Urban street photography - is there such a thing? There is street photography, and then there is urban photography. The two are distinctly different. You may think I am about to split hairs but please bear with me as I believe I have a valid point... (click to read more)

6. Street Photography Humour

Street photography humour is often slightly on the wicked side, and I do feel a smidgen of guilt when I look at this picture. The advert for Magnum juxtaposed with the large lady to the left, strikes me as humorous....(click to read more)

7. Black & White Street Photography

Black and white street photography is often considered more artistic than color photography, and photographers who want their work to be taken seriously, often favour monochrome over color... (click to read more)

8. Street Photography Tips

The first shot below is of a man checking coconuts to see how fresh they are. He was shaking them gently and listening while he did so. Presumably if they are fresh then you can here the coconut milk...  (click to read more)

9. Night Street Photography

Night street photography can be extremely rewarding especially if you choose the early part of the evening when there is still some light left in...  (click to read more)

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