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Street photography humour is often slightly on the wicked side, and I do feel a smidgen of guilt when I look at the picture below.

The advert for Magnum ice-cream juxtaposed with the large lady to the left, strikes me as humorous. I apologise to the lady in question if she happens to see this photograph, and I hope she sees the funny side of it too.

I am sure most people know that Magnum is Latin for 'Big One', and in fact the advertisers ran a campaign (maybe still running for all I  know) which advertised their ice-creams under the slogan of 'MAGNUM, THE BIG ONE', hence the title.

I confess I had to tweak the lighting a  little on this one as the word 'Magnum' didn't actually stand out very well. The exposure was mainly for the background and the tilted board wasn't reflecting much light. But post-processing did the trick.

Above: Magnum, the Big One

Oh and by the way, if anyone asks you if you have Photoshopped an image, say no, you have edited it in post-processing using a photo editor. Then go on to baffle them with science by talking about the different tools you used. Sadly, the word 'Photoshopped' has pejorative overtones to it - even if you are highly skilled using it. So don't let them get away with it!

Another tip if you enjoy street photography humour, is to watch out for words on posters, adverts and hoardings (billboards for my American friends). You can often use them to advantage as in the photo above. If you find interesting words you can sometimes wait for the right person to enter the shot. It takes a bit of imagination but it's fun to do and some street photographers focus almost exclusively on large-scale advertising and the potential for juxtaposing elements with passers-by in their photos.

But the best street photography, I believe, is when you don't contrive the action. I like to discover photos and then act very quickly, brain a-buzzin', to get the shot I can see is there. It's more of a challenge but a total joy to discover that golden moment and then capture it, all in a matter of seconds.

Captions are often important too. A short-but-sweet caption is sometimes necessary for your audience to understand the image and the humour contained in it. Don't turn it in to explanatory text though. Keep it brief.

Follow this link for more street photography humour.

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