street photography: a concise guide

Are you a street photographer or would like to be one? This Kindle guide will show you exactly how to do it: how to deal with different types of light; when to use black and white and when to use color; how to overcome fear of photographing people on the street; candid, posed and environmental portraits; which camera and lens works best; techniques such as zone focussing and shooting from the hip; the use of words and humour in street photography; and much more.

Street Photography: A Concise Guide is suitable for anyone with a camera which can be set manually. If you have only ever used your camera in automatic modes you will find this book very useful as it shows sample settings and discusses technique. Your photographic skills will improve greatly.


"As a fan of Anne Darling's work, especially her fine art prints, I'm giving this book a well-deserved 5 stars. As can be expected, she gives plenty of easy-to-understand information and advice on the various aspects of taking street photos, which I'm sure to re-read time-and-again. Her obvious love of street photography shines through and is inspiring, but it was the powerful photos in the book, coupled with some moving comments and titles, which really touched my soul." DavidS

"A great little book. Very much to the point and complete with photographs that illustrate every point made by the author as the narrative progresses through all aspects of street photography. It makes very easy reading and communicates with the reader in an engaging style. I enjoyed reading it and gained a few ideas from Anne's tips on the subject. Her experience and expertise with this particular photography genre is helpful even for those who have some existing practical knowledge of the subject." Peter Richard Dudfieldon

"I am getting back into photography and found this book to be a delightful refresher in candid street photography. Do not look for technical tidbits. The author in her own way stresses seeing and enjoying as key to success." John C. Howland

"Brief, simple, to the point, and a great reference without being tardy, boring or outdated. Use it and you'll be producing great street photography. A+"   Luis de Valle

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