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I am currently inviting sponsorship from organisations and individuals who produce high-quality products or offer high-quality photographic services. I only accept one sponsorship request for each particular area of photography. In this way, the site sponsors who support this site will together form a group offering some of the best photographic products and services to be found on the internet today.

The "advert" in the right colum that links to the sponsor's review, gives visitors access to the review material from every page on the site. Review material of a sponsor's products or services is written independently of the sponsorship. The review material has not been influenced by the "advert". Moreover, advertiser sponsorship does not indicate endorsement of that advertiser by me.

As a visitor of, I sincerely hope you will be pleased with the products and services offered by the site sponsors as they have been carefully selected with you in mind so please support them if you can.

If you are selling high-quality products or services related to photography and would like to find out more about "advertising" through sponsorship of this site or which categories are still available, please click here. And if you are already a site sponsor, thank you for your valuable support.

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