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Social documentary photography, according to Wikipedia, is "dedicated to showing the life of underprivileged or disadvantaged people". It's a good definition for the articles and photo essays you will find in this section, so I decided to use it for the introduction of this page. Read on below to find out what the articles are and just follow the links.

Women & Religion: The All-Women Mosques of China

Today, in Ningxia, religious schools for girls are common and often women maintain separate mosques.  Jin Meihua could not go to mosque when she was a child so she decided to study Arabic and the Qu’ran, and last year she passed the exam held by the Ningxia Islamic Association, and became one of eight female imams... (click to read more)

The Cycle Rickshaw in India

The cycle rickshaw is a still a common sight in India, even today, and when I visited Goa in 2007 I was struck by the ubiquity of this simple form of transport that can be used for... (click to read more)

Animals Kept in Zoos - Ethical or Not?

Animals kept in zoos have held a fascination for the human species for thousands of years. But are zoos ethical? Do they serve a purpose or should they be banned?  (click to read more)

Muslim Women Dress: the Media Debate

  1. Muslim Women Dress: the Media Debate Part 1 of the debate in the media on how Muslim women dress, with particular focus on the headscarf, continues unabated. The scarf is seen by many as a symbol of oppression, by others as a symbol of freedom (click to read more)
  2. Muslim Women Dress: the Media Debate - Part 2 of the article on Muslim women and the media debate
  3. Muslim Women Dress:  the Media DebatePart 3 of the article on Muslim women and the media debate
  4. Muslim Women Dress: the Media Debate - Part 4 of the article on Muslim women and the media debate
  5. Muslim Women Dress: the Media Debate - Part 5 of the article Muslim women and the media debate

2008 Sichuan Earthquake: A Photo Essay by Li Jin

Chinese photographer Li Jin visited Sichuan some time after the earthquake of 5th May 2008 which devastated so many lives. Before the disaster... (click to read more)

More articles and photoessays coming soon...

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