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Photoshop Contests

Photoshop contests are becoming increasingly popular, particularly within the blogging community.

To take part in a contest, you sometimes have to pay a small fee but many are free and often there are prizes to be won. You don't have to have Photoshop running on your computer to enter one - if you use GIMP or other photo editing software then that's fine too.

This is how it works: a site may provides an image, and the contestants all have to modify that image in some way, often humorously. Other sites will set a theme and participants then create any image they like provided it fits in with the chosen theme.

Finally, everyone votes for the winner and prizes are awarded. Even if you don't want to enter your own images, it can be very entertaining to see the imaginative products of Photoshop afficionados. And you can get great ideas for practising your own skills in Photoshop.

There are also contests known as Photoshop Tennis or Photochop Battle which takes place between two contestants. The first player picks a starting image and the second player makes some changes to it then sends it back to the first player who then makes their changes and sends it to the second player... and so on. Additional rules may be applied and an independent judge may be chosen to decide who the winner is.

Below, I've set up a newsfeed which brings you all the latest news on Photshop contests. I'm sure you will find something to amuse you, and who know, you might win something!


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