Photoshop Art

I love making Photoshop art (digital art, photo manipulations, montages, or whatever you want to call  it!) and want to share some of my images with you, and talk about the process that went into each one.

Bid for Freedom

Above: Dreaming of Freedom by Anne Darling

Many of my images are designed as book covers. Others are designed purely for the joy of creating art.  These are the two main ways in which I use Photoshop but this section also has advice on other software you can use for photo editing and manipulations and even where to find free downloads.

Plus there is a page on how to find contests where you can enter your works of art - it's a good way to improve your work and to see other artists' work and who knows, you may even win! Please note though that the page is powered by Google and not every single item is an actual competition - you'll see what I mean when you get there! So be sure to skip read all the way down the page to find an article that suits you. The page is updated every day so it's worth bookmarking it.

I am also going to include articles which are of use to photographers who want to improve their shots in post processing. The first of these is how to do a black and white conversion including which method to use - not all methods are equally good so it's worth reading.

If you would like your photographs critiqued or enhanced in Photoshop, you can contact me through On that page, you can view many of the previous critiques and post-processing jobs I have done. It costs $8.95 to have a photograph critiqued and $13.95 to  have your photo enhanced. If you would like to learn how to enhance your photos from a professional photographer and receive a step-by-step explanation of the improvements I highly recommend the service.

Montage Art

Meanwhile, you might like to check out some of the digital art I have created using Photoshop.  Follow the links below - more will be added very soon so feel free to check back.

1. Sunflower Buddha

Sunflower Buddha was inspired by a poem which reads as follows...

2. The Gates of Eden

The Gates of Eden is my interpretation of the Genesis theme. Just inside the Gates stand two imposing angels. They are cherubim, and they...

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