Photography History

The study of photography history is a fascinating subject in itself but it is also a great opportunity to learn from the great masters. More articles will be added to this section quite soon.

The History of Photography Part 1

Photography took a major leap forward when practical colour plates became available in 1907. The first was called Autochrome, and used a screen that filtered the light using dyed potato starch. Once the plate was developed, colours could be restored... (click to read more).

The History of Photography Part 2

Early in the history of photography, the daguerreotype, the patent of which was purchased and declared public domain by the French government, was extremely popular. The newly growing middle class demanded easy portraiture... (click to read more).

The History of Photography Part 3

The first digital image was produced in 1957 on a computer by Russell Kirsch. It was a scanned image of Kirsch's son. But the first digital consumer camera that did not require film was not produced until 1981, when Sony brought out the Mavica electronic still camera....(click to read more).

The History of Aerial Photography

The history of aerial photography began long before the Wright brothers developed the right stuff for the Kitty Hawk in 1909, in a rather modest if eccentric way, with a Frenchman called Arthur Batut... (click to read more).

Photos of the Great Depression

Some of the photographs of the Great Depression were taken by famous photographers who worked for the government during that era, including such well-known names as Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans and Lewis Hine... (click to read more)

Photos of Native Americans

Of all the photographs of native Americans, the work of Edward Curtis (1868-1952) stands head and shoulders above the rest. His work forms one of the most amazing series of photographs of all time... (click to read more)

History of Photojournalism

The history of photojournalism is replete with dramatic images such as the one below of Thich Quang Duc who set fire to his own motionless body at a busy road junction... (click to read more)

I hope these articles inspire you read more and discover some of the amazing photographers who have paved the way for us. 

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