Photography Genres - a Guide

Photography genres are many and various, and in this guide to photography, my aim is to give you an overview of most of the different kinds of genres there are out there so that you can decide for yourself which areas interest you the most and to help you find your own voice as a creative photographer. Do browse through, you may find some surprises!

I haven't included Street Photography in my guide to photography as I am creating a whole section for that particular genre - just follow the link or click on the button on the left navigation bar.

1. Abstract Photography

Abstract photographers have the aim in mind, pure and simple, to show the harmony and beauty which underlie a composition by stripping away the representational elements of the picture....

2. Abstract Photography - Part 2

Abstract photography allows the lens to focus so acutely that we see the wrinkles but do not recognize the elephant in the picture.  The repetition of objects photographed from some unusual or distant vantage point 

3. Aerial Photography

RC aerial photography (RC = remote control) has gained in popularity in recent years largely due to the availability of inexpensive cameras. This means affordable aerial photography...

4. Art Photography

A definition of fine art photography is very difficult to pin down, and varies widely depending on who you speak to. But in general it can be said that it refers to a photograph whose purpose is more...

5. Amateur Astrophotography

Amateur astrophotography is available to anyone with a simple point-and-shoot camera. This introduction will get you started taking shots of the Moon, planets, constellations and more...

6. Documentary Photography

The history of documentary photography presents us with the most accurate records we have of past events and the documentary photograph has been used to document pretty much...

7. High Fashion Photography

In high fashion photography, the image is no longer concerned with the human being. The photograph itself is a highly constructed object. The subject is usually photographed in the studio, removed from...

8. Photojournalism

The history of photo-journalism is replete with dramatic images such as the one below of Thich Quang Duc who set fire to his own motionless body at a busy road junction in Saigon. This was in 1963, in protest at...

9. Surreal Photography

Surreal photography was born out of the surrealist art movement in the early twentieth century based on the philosophy embodied in André Breton's 'La Révolution Surréaliste' of 1924...

10. Surreal Photos

Eight surreal photos by eight artists from eight different countries - Ireland, Malaysia, the US, Turkey, Holland, Sweden, Russia and France. Proof that visual art is an international language without boundaries!

11. Urban Photography

In urban photography we find a spontaneity of imagery which does not rely on the random presence of human subjects as it does in street photography. Think of urban pictures as representing a...

12. War Photography

War photography produces some of the most memorable images, photographs which stand the test of time, and of all the famous war photographers, one in particular stands out...

13. Wildlife Photography

Digital wildlife photography is an area that I have no expertise in, so I asked wildlife safari park photographer Mario Fazekas if I could interview him so that you could get an insight into how to get started in this fascinating area of photography, and he kindly agreed.

14. Zen Photography

To understand Zen photography let's listen to what photographer and Zen practitioner Wayne Rowe has to say. According to Rowe, an image made in the true spirit of Zen photography can provoke...

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