Photography Critique

Photography critique is an important aspect of learning to be really creative as a photographer.

When written in a constructive manner, a good photo critique can help you to progress in your photography by leaps and bounds.

I am an experienced, professional photographer working for a terrific company called GuruShots to provide in-depth critiques at very affordable prices.

You can also advance your post-processing skills by uploading a photo to be enhanced.

Above: My Daughter by Alan Beattie (read the critique)

How does it work?

When you have your photos critiqued by me, you receive an assessment in several categories, including many of the following elements listed below, as appropriate to your specific images. You also receive a mark, out of ten, for each section and an overall mark out of ten for the image as a whole.

In addition, there are three extra sections giving  suggestions on how to improve your photo.

If you want to send additional information to me or ask questions, there is a box provided for private messages.

abstract photo in red - urban scene at night showing light trails

Above: Whoosh by Mark Ryott (read the critique)

Can I see some of your previous critiques?

Certainly! Check out my profile with GuruShots and take a look at previous critiques I have written to get an idea of what to expect. Also check below to see some of the possible areas of interest that may be critiqued in your photo.

Assessment Areas

Subject of Photo

  • Is the subject clear?
  • Is the subject interesting?
  • Does the subject dominate too much or play too passive a role?

Composition & Perspective

  • Placement of subject
  • Use of space
  • Cropping
  • Framing
  • Depth
  • Leading lines
  • Diagonals/S-curves
  • Angle from which the photo was taken
  • Contrast
  • Balance of dark/light areas
  • Other visual elements


  • Is the subject in focus?
  • Did the photographer focus on the right things?

Use of camera, exposure & speed

  • Was it the right camera for the job?
  • Was the camera used correctly?
  • Was the photo properly exposed?
  • Was the correct speed used?
  • White balance
  • Focal length


  • Do the colours help to convey an emotional response?
  • Do the colours hurt the art rather than help it?
  • Does the lighting create any weird shadows?
  • How does the lighting harden or soften the photograph?


  • Does the depth of field draw the viewer's attention to the main subject, or does it detract from the photo by making them wonder what is in the background?
  • Is the subject contained within the depth-of-field or are parts of the subject fuzzy?

Find me on GuruShots now - I'm looking forward to seeing your photos!

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Hi Anne, thank you for taking the time to critique my photo, I found your review to be very interesting and pointed out to me some things which I hadn't considered (smaller aperture, manual focus, higher ISO). I do admit to having very limited experience with post processing and I do need to brush up on that side of things, but I am very pleased that you liked the shot (it was shot on the Tyne Bridge). Your words have actually given me the confidence to keep shooting and strive for that “perfect “ photo. Once again, thank you . Mark Ryottt

(Read Critique)

Hi thanks for a lovely comment and great criticism, and I personally thank you for accepting my photo too... Your comments were spot on. Alan Beattie

(Read Critique)

Hi Anne, Thank you very much for your time and comments. Your comments are really valuable to me. You also help clarify what i was confused about those photos. Cheers, Vy

(Read Critique)

Thank you Anne, your comments are very to the point and useful. Although I have read about some of the principles of good composition/practice, it is hard to remember all of them in practice. Having someone pointing them out on my photos is definitely making a deeper impression on me. I will definitely put your advice into my shooting. Thanks again. Kevin Yang

(Read Critique)

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