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Photography composition can be learned by anyone, and once you understand the rules, your photographs will become more powerful and expressive.

Do I Really Need to Learn the Rules of Composition?

For photographic composition to work artistically, to be powerful, to affect the emotions, it must have an underlying harmony. Without harmony, there is no art - no music, no picture, no poem. Harmony is the structure which holds our attention,  cover of the art of photographic composition ebook which makes meaning possible and which allows us to communicate. When we sense harmony as an underlying element in a picture it conveys a feeling of wholeness or perfection. Without harmony as an underlying principle, our experience of beauty would not happen.

Harmony in art is one reason why some works endure for centuries, beyond fashion and style. And when we create underlying harmony through the conscious use of photography composition rules, we have created an image that can truly be said to be art.

What is composition?

Photography composition is a set of 'rules' which allows us, as artists and communicators, to create harmony within a framework and to say what we want to say. The 'rules', once learned, become subconscious and infuse and inform our work so that we no longer need to think about them consciously. By practising these rules, we can create images of our own choosing.

My new EBook, The Art of Photographic Composition, has been designed as a short course which will build a knowledge of photography composition rules, through a step-by-step journey, to a mastery of the rules so that you can make your photographs say what you really want them to say.

the art of photographic composition ebook

This 65-page EBook course is divided up into 30 sections and each one comes with supporting photographs so that you can see how the ideas work in practice.

Creative assisgnments are suggested throughout the book, and most of the photographs are accompanied by technical data so you can try out similar settings for yourself.

Take one step at a time and build your knowledge into a body of work which you can be proud of. At the end of 30-days you will have a solid grounding in photography composition principles, and a series of photographs that will impress your friends and family .

If you are interested in learning a simple way to improve your photography composition, I recommend buying The Art of Photographic Composition by Anne Darling.

You'll learn how to effectively use geometric shapes, motion, light and space to compose more interesting photos. The creative ideas included will inspire you to experiment with your photography.

I guarantee you'll look through your lens differently after reading this book.

The Art of Photographic Composition is for anyone who takes pictures. It doesn't matter whether you use automatic exposure settings (like I do) or prefer to adjust your exposure manually. Your photos will definitely improve by following Anne's tips on photographic composition.

Highly recommended for all photographers.

Delia White
Discover Santa Barbara

The book is divided into 30 lessons. I have included camera data where I think it will be useful to you. However, not every image has data included since this book is not meant to be a technical manual but a guide to developing your ability to see in photographic terms and so the emphasis is always on developing photography compositional skills, not techniques.

Each of the 30 lessons is self-contained but they do follow on, one from another. So one way to use this book is to take a whole day's shoot for one section. This could be done over a one-month period or more slowly, say over 15 weekends.

the art of photographic composition ebook

Or you can just jump around and pick an idea that appeals to you. The contents have hyperlinks so you can click on what interests you and go immediately to that page.

Take your time with each section, make lots of shots for each idea and really embed the concepts in your mind. At the end of 30 days you will have a strong grasp of photography composition and will find yourself making shots you never dreamt of, using a whole range of new skills!

Who can benefit from this e-Book

the art of photographic composition ebook

Anyone with a camera which does more than just let you shoot on automatic.

Any SLR but many other cameras too. If your camera can only be used on automatic you will still learn a lot from this book but most cameras allow you to do much more than that. So it doesn't matter which kind of camera you have but check the manual first if you are in doubt or else just contact me and I will be happy to give you advice.

Others who will benefit include photographers who have mastered aperture, shutter-speed and so on but still feel there is something missing. Some photographers have a good grasp of the camera controls and know how to get a good exposure but want to learn more about the artistic side of photography, specifically photography composition. If this is you, then this book is exactly what you need.

the art of photographic composition ebook

Also, anyone who was told that photography composition is not something you can learn, it's something you are born with, similar in the way that some people just seem to know 'magically' how to draw. The opposite is the truth. Drawing is a learned skill and so is photography composition. This book will guide you from first principles to a sound grasp of all the main compositional rules.

World-renowned photographer Anne Darling has a winner with her new, very informative eBook "The Art of Photographic Composition". Her writing style is comfortable, interesting and easy to follow.

Each of the 30 sections is designed to improve your compositional skills and includes assignments to help develop any photographer's creative eye. The amazing photos alone make this a wonderful read and I recommend it highly for anyone desiring to improve their photographic skills.

Don Stilton
Florida Travel Photography

If Thomas Edison is right, and "Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration", then the hard work has already been done for you and is presented in my eBook in easy-to-digest chunks that build, one by one, to a mastery of the art of photographic composition. Read the text, practise the Creative Ideas, and let the photographs inspire you. You can only imagine now what your photos will be like in 30 days time!

Do these ideas really work?

the art of photographic composition ebook

I bought my first SLR camera in 1970 - a Zenith B, made in Russia, and of course, it was a film camera. I had my own darkroom for many years before I happily embraced digital technology. So as you can see, I have been working in the field of photography for a very long time!

The ideas in this book have come from those years of experience as a photographic artist, and that's why they work because they are based on real life experience not theory.

This comprehensive book on the elements of composition is a must have for both the new and experienced photographer. The format is a brilliant idea that really brings home the concepts of composition in an understandable way.

Anne provides clear explanations and demonstrates why the composition element is important, helpful tips and techniques in achieving the effect, and most importantly, creative ideas for experimentation and practice.

I really love that Anne provides the exposure settings for her photographs, this is such a great learning tool for the new photographer.

We will be using this book in our Photography Guild seminars and for our monthly themes. Many thanks for providing this helpful and beautiful book.

Sue Schwer
Down-the-Shore Photography Guild

Risk-free purchase

the art of photographic composition ebook

You don't have to spend years and years learning about composition though! I've already done the hard work and my ideas in this book will shorten that learning curve to as little as 30 days.

I guarantee your shots will improve. I am so confident that you will be pleased with your purchase that I am offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you try out the ideas in the book and don't feel that your photography composition skills have improved, then contact me before the 30 days are up, and I will refund your money, no questions asked.

Table of Contents

1. Getting Closer
2. Cropping In-Camera
3. Viewpoint
4. Straight Lines
5. Curved Lines
6. Leading Lines
7. Shapes
8. Circles
9. Triangles
10. Framing Part I
11. Framing Part II
12. Separating Subject & Background
13. Negative Space
14. Pattern & Rhythm
15. Silhouettes & Shadows
16. Format
17. Scale
18. Freezing the Action
19. Motion Blur
20. Relationships
21. Environmental Portraits
22. Picture Depth Part I
23. Picture Depth Part II
24. Light Part I
25. Light Part II
26. Light Part III
27. Story Telling
28. Metaphor
29. Breaking the Rules
30. Imagination

Let me start off by saying that I think your book is absolutely brilliant.

I am not sure who your market demographic is, but as an amaetur photographer I am always eager to learn more and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. I found it informative, well written and easy to understand. The photographs are simply brilliant.....

Although this book is about photography composition, you have included sufficient technical detail to allow less experienced photographers to get the same results. Giving details such as shutter speed and F-stops gives us a starting point from which to learn and try and capture the same shot.

You have also included some questions to make the user think about what works and why.

I love your Creative Ideas section which gives your readers ideas for their own photographic projects.

Monica Latham
Homestyle Cookie Recipes

In addition to being filled with stunningly gorgeous photographs, "The Art of Photographic Composition" contains simple but excellent instructions to help you improve your own composition skills.

Focusing on concepts such as scale, negative space, and metaphor, photographer/author Anne Darling explains how to achieve stellar results.

To enable you to practice and improve your own skills, she gives you a short assignment for each topic. Follow her guidance, and you'll see the world through your camera lens in a different way - truly a transformative book!

Susan Vik
Boston Discovery Guide

Buy now, download it immediately and get started today!

The Art of Photographic Composition
only $9.95

cover of the art of photographic composition ebook

The EBook is in Adobe PDF file format. If your computer doesn't have the Adobe Reader software, you can easily install it for free. Please note that because of the number of color images in this publication, the file is quite large (over 9 MB) so if you have a slow connection it may take a little while to download.

The eBook version comes with a No-Questions-Asked Guarantee:  If you're not satisfied with this eBook, just email me within 30 days of the date of purchase - and I'll issue a 100% refund immediately.

Your eBook purchase is 100% safe and secure - and 100% risk-free.

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I wish you every success with your photography!

Many thanks for producing this wonderful book. It is truly inspirational and a credit to your skill as a photographer and your ability to pass those skills on to others... thanks.

Bill Bradley (Darwin, NT. Australia)
Builder Bill DIY Help

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