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Why do photographers enter photography competitions? Is it for the prizes they might win, the money, the camera equipment or recognition? Or is the main reason because photographers love showing their pictures to others?

Most photographers want other people to see their work, so that others can take part in the same pleasure of seeing what the photographer saw. It's the human condition; we love to share.

Taking part can spur photographers on to greater efforts so photo competitions can be a way to learn and grow through joining in with other people who have similar interests. Photo competitions are worth the time spent even if you don't take first prize. It's your chance to share yourself with the whole world! And maybe become a better photographer in the process.

If you are in any doubt about entering competitions, read my interview with 15-years old amateur photographer Eleanor Leonne Bennett who has been taking photographs for less than 4 years and has already taken first prize in 17 competitions! Read Eleanor's interview to get advice on how you can do it too!

Check out the information below which offers all the latest competition news. This page is updated daily so you might want to bookmark it to keep up to date.

Please note that this page is serviced by Google and has news predominently about competitions in the UK. If you are looking for contests in the US, please click here. In fact, it is worth checking the listings on both these pages, wherever you live, as to a certain extent there is some cross-over.


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