Photography and Spirituality

Photography and spirituality may seem strange companions but there are many traditions such as Buddhism, Christianity and Taoism which have developed contemplative practices around the act of making photographs.

In this series of articles I will be exploring photography and spirituality within different traditions, and as they become available the links will be made live. If you are looking for a fresh new way of viewing the world or a new direction for your photography, you may find a new path for your creativity by exploring some of the links below. Just pick one that appeals to you to get started.

1. Zen Photography

Zen photography asks you to empty your mind, throw yourself open to the advent of feeling, and let yourself be guided by those feelings. Release the shutter when the image... (click to read more)

2. Minor White

The spirituality of the photographer Minor White was of paramount importance to him. He explored Zen Buddhism and Christian mysticism and even converted to Catholicism. Alfred Stieglitz's theory of 'equivalents' whereby the subject... (click to read more)

3. John Daidoo Loori

Abbot John Daido Loori was not only an award-winning photographer but also the founder and director of the Mountains and Rivers Order, an organisation of Zen Buddhist Temples in the US and other parts of the world... (click to read more)

4. Miksang

Miksang photography emerged from the teachings of Shambhala Training as developed by the world-renowned Tibetan Buddhist teacher Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche... (click to read more)

6. Miksang Part 2

7. Wabi Sabi

5. Contemplative Photography

8. Contemplative Christian Photography

9. The Tao of Photography

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