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In 2003 I again took up an old hobby: photography. I began as a self-taught photographer and eventually took classes online. Last year, I was mentored by Eddie Soloway, who helped me see what aspect of my photography was uniquely mine and fostered its continued growth.

As a result, I have begun combining my creativity with photography techniques, such as panning and in-camera multiple exposures. For me, the resulting abstractions capture the essence of a scene or impart a sense of mystery or playfulness.

cairn holy scotland

The subjects of my photographs range from traditional landscapes and wildlife to intimate views, and from the abstract to the impressionistic. As I continue to explore the intimacy of photography, I am seeing more opportunities for great images in my "backyard". There is a benefit to being intimately familiar with the place. The close proximity inspires me to go out often and hone my craft.

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frosted grass photo sunrise from desert photo fall colors

For me, photography is a way to honor my connection to Nature. With my photos, it is my hope to inspire that connection in others as well as the feelings it evokes: reverence, appreciation, joy, serenity, or inner peace.

gift of life photo mandala leaf shadows

On my web site at Stoeffl Photography, the images are geared towards interior decorating; therefore, it features only landscapes and abstracts. My secondary site at Stoeffl Photography Image Library has all my wildlife images and additional landscapes and abstracts. Last Spring, I published the book "Essence: contemplations in image and word" in collaboration with a local poet. It contains 33 pairings of beautiful photos with thought provoking poems.

Technical Information

Currently, I shoot with a Nikon digital SLR and edit on an iMac using Lightroom for about 90% of the editing time and some Photoshop for the remainder. When taking pictures, my goal is to create as much as possible within the camera and to keep the use of editing software to a minimum. Currently, I do not composit images or create in Photoshop what I call digital art. I print my images using a Canon Pixma Pro 9000 up to 12 x 18 inches. For anything larger, I use a professional print lab.

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sunrise from desert


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Stoeffl Photography

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