How to Photograph Zoo Animals: DSLR Photography Made Easy

This book is not only for animal lovers but also for those who would like to have an additional income stream selling stock photos of animals. It's also particularly for those with a DSLR who want to learn more about their camera. Going to the zoo for the day is a great way to learn new skills because you have a wide range of different subjects to photograph, most of which are fairly stationery! In one day you can gain greater control and start using the settings with confidence as the lessons you will learn in this book are applicable in many other situations such as portraiture, nature and landscape photography and so on.

In this book you will learn:

  • How to get out of automatic mode and make the leap to a more creative way of working
  • Tricks and techniques for use with every photography, not just animals but also people, flowers, landscapes and many other subjects
  • Which lenses and other equipment to use and how to use them to get amazing shots
  • The settings other photographers have used to get the stunning shots included in this book.

This book assumes that you have a little knowledge in digital photography and the use of your own camera equipment but would like to gain greater control of your camera.


"Easy reading, helpful, simple to follow and worth every penny or cent."

"Why do I need a book about taking photos? Well, first my brother in law is a professional cameraman. My brother is a professional photographer. My two siblings are good amateur photographers and I take awful pictures. It seems to make no difference if I use a phone, a tablet or an SLR camera. So its about time I did something.

What I really liked about this book, was the easy style. Great tips and each (short) chapter is self-contained. One can read just one chapter, go out and experiment, and pick the book up again days or even weeks later and read the next chapter. The tips are obvious, once they have been pointed out, but much of the information was way below my radar until now.

I may no longer be a lousy photographer, but at least I know what I'm doing wrong."  (Amazon Customer)

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