Photo Montage Ideas

Looking for photo montage ideas? Would you like to become a digital artist? I've put together a page of sample photo montages for you to help get your creative juices flowing.

The best photo montage software is undoubtedly PhotoShop or Corel but there are plenty of free trial downloads available from other software companies. Click this link for a list of free photo montage software (some are only free trial downloads for 30 days or so - long enough to get you started though) or continue below to make your first photo montage.

Image by Bonnybbx on

Photo Montage Ideas 1: Collect Backgrounds

When I create montages, I start with a background that I really like, one that I feel has potential. I don't have the objects assembled, not at the beginning. I think of the background as a stage set ready to have characters and objects positioned on it. I am the director! The best backgrounds for photo montages have 3-dimensional depth to them. It's possible to use something without 3-dimensional depth but I find it restricts the imagination.

Image by Cakobelo on

Photo Montage Ideas 2: Collect Objects

It's helpful to have a collection of objects readily available for you browse through. If you have your 'stage set' background ready to go, browsing through different objects stimulates the imagination and you begin to see connections between things. 

The Cup Bearer by Anne Darling

The first object I tried out in 'The Golden Cup Bearer' (see above) was the mask-like face on the wall. I liked it at first attempt so I duplicated it twice and then manipulated two of them to give a ripple-effect to the mouths. I left the third one as-is and put it on the other wall. Once I had the masks in place I looked for other objects which somehow related to them and gradually built up the picture from there.

Image by Currens on

Photo Montage Ideas 3: Learn How to Extract Objects from Photos

Object extraction is a great skill to acquire and well worth the time spent learning how to do it. Once you have this skill off pat, you can build up your own library of photo objects. Check out this video below which teaches you how to do it.

Photo Montage Ideas 4: Keep Building

It is possible to buy backgrounds and objects from stock photo agencies but a better route is to keep building up your own library of objects and backgrounds from photographs you have made. It is cheaper and much more satisfying and a more accurate reflection of your voice, as an artist. Build it regularly, a little at a time, so that this time next year you have an ever-growing supply of images to draw on when you are looking to build a new photo montage.

Mann ohne Gesicht by MDesign on

Look at each sample photo montage on this page carefully - most of them are fairly simple but they all express succinctly the idea that the author had in mind. Don't worry about finding an idea before you get started just find some images that appeal to you and get going - the idea will unfold as you create! Have fun!

Click this link to see more amazing surreal images by contemporary montage makers from around the world.

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