Photo Composition

1. What is Photo Composition?

What is photo composition? Line, shape, pattern, texture and colour are the five main elements in photography composition, whether in a photograph or a painting. How they are combined, balanced and blended... (click to read the first article on Photo Composition)

2. The Philosophy of Composition

The philosophy of composition is an interesting topic for all photographers because it gives you insight into your own work and helps you to know what to do, when to do it, and why... (click to read more)

3. Basic Composition:
   Choosing the Best Angle & Creating Foreground Interest

Learning basic composition is will have a big impact on your pictures, more so than light, exposure, shutter speed, in fact anything else at all... (click to read more)

4. The Principles of Composition

The principles of composition in photography are a set of guidelines which will let you organize the elements in  the scene before you photograph it. The principles are very similar to those in art composition... (click to read more)

5. Good Photo Composition:
    Creating Correspondence & the Use of Vertical Lines

Good composition often involves some kind of correspondence between two or more elements in a photographic composition which creates a kind of aesthetic pleasure... (click to read more)

6. Photography Rules of Composition - the Use of Rhythm

Rhythm in photography composition is an important tool for photographers because rhythm is innate to us all. Our heartbeat is the single most powerful example of rhythm in our lives, and since the dawn of time humans have had a kind of... (click to read more)

7. Rules of Composition - Framing

A great photography composition tip is to frame your subject. Use trees, rocks, hills or anything inanimate that you can find. This is a kind of psychological trick which keeps the eye... (click to read more)

8. Photographic Composition - the Rule of Thirds

In photographic composition, the Rule of Thirds is a guideline you can use to help you create photographs with greater visual impact. It is a compositional device which is also used by... (click to read more)

9. Portrait Composition

Portrait composition in photography is really not that much different from picture composition in art or even subject composition in general.It just requires an awareness of the principles... (click to read more)

10. Photography Composition - Learn the Art in 30 Days

The rules of photographic composition can be learned by anyone, and once you understand these rules, your photographs will become more powerful and expressive... (click to read more)

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  1. Composition FAQ
  2. Picture composition - Leading Lines & Symmetry

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