Ideas for making your own plus who will print your book for you

Creating photo album books online is a wonderful way to preserve and present your photos. There is no substitute for the pleasure to be derived from holding concretized memories in your hands. A photo book is also a wonderful way to give permanence to your memories and to present them in such a way that you can easily share them with your family and friends and perhaps give them their own copy as a personalized gift from you.

Another reason for creating photo album books online may be to act as a portfolio to present your own work as a creative individual when applying for entry to a college or if you are going to visit editors or other professionals who may help move your career along!

And yet a third category of photo book is of course the wedding photo book which professional photographers produce for their customers.

If you are looking for more ideas then here are a few to help you get inspired:

Family History: Choose your best photographs from different family events such as weddings, christenings and so on, and put them together in a photo book. Get the kids involved in the project and give every child his or her own copy. You could also create a book just about family members with a separate page for each person. You can ask relatives what they remember about each photo and add comments.

Group Gifts: Make a book for your employees or scout group... books like this can be used to raise funds.

Children's Projects: Children love creating photo books. They can include their own artwork or be books about the family or books that help your children to learn.

Child's 'Center Stage' Book: Make your child the star in their favourite story book by using their picture - Shutterfly has a choice of different story books.

Weddings: - Digital photo books make make very special wedding gifts and they are easy to make. If you are a wedding photographer, you will certainly want to make a wedding book part of the photo package.

Team Books: Create a book for your sports team.

Year Books: Create a book that reviews the year just passed, perhaps for your school or for your family or friends.

Baby Books: You can make a beautiful book of your baby using the baby themes that photo book publishers provide - there is usually a great range of templates available. Grandparents will be over the moon with a book like this and it's a wonderful way to preserve fleeting memories of your baby.

Travel Books: Everyone has had great vacations that deserve to be remembered with a photo book. Or you can create a book with your best photographs from a series of trips. A travel book is a great way to share your holiday memories with your friends.

Gifts: Digital photo books make very special Christmas presents especially for family members such as grandparents.

And yet more!

  1. 4th July (14th July if you live in France as I do!)
  2. Pets
  3. Birthdays, engagements and other anniversaries
  4. Graduation Day
  5. Biography Book
  6. Disney Land
  7. Family Reunion Book
  8. Gardens
  9. Halloween
  10. Honeymoon
  11. Pregnancy
  12. Professional Portfolio
  13. My Home Town
  14. Thanksgiving

Finding the right company to print your photo album books online

There are a lot of good print companies around and they all offer different services. Choosing a print company to make your photo album books online for you will be a very personal choice depending on whether price is the most important thing or quality or choice of templates. Many, if not all of the companies listed below will let you upload your images direct to their site, without having to download any software.

So make sure that the print company you choose is going to produce a book that fits your needs. Take your time to look around because when you do find one you really like, the next time you want to make a photo album book online you will already have a relationship with a good company which can make all the difference.

Here is my choice of some of the best:

  1. AdoramaPix
  2. ArtsCow
  3. Blurb
  4. Bookemon
  5. Clark Color
  6. Create Picture Books
  7. CVS Photo Center
  8. DigiLabs
  9. dotPhoto
  10. HotPrints
  11. Hoorray
  12. Inkubook
  13. Kodak
  14. Kolo
  15. Lifephoto
  16. Lulu
  17. Mixbook
  18. Mpix
  19. MyCanvas
  20. MyPublisher
  21. OurHubbub
  22. PhotoWorks
  23. Picaboo
  24. Printmyphotobook
  25. Qoop
  26. RitzPix
  27. RocketLife
  28. Scrapblog
  29. SeeHere
  30. Shutterfly
  31. SmileBooks
  32. Snapfish
  33. Turning Pages
  34. Viovio
  35. VistaPrint
  36. Winkflash

Thanks for reading this article and I hope you found some inspiration here for creating your own photo album books online! All the best with your project.

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