Perfect Exposure: DSLR photography for beginners

This guide to exposure will give you all the knowledge you need in a simplified style with helpful analogies. Terms are explained in such a way that you will not only understand them but remember them too. With this book plus a little practice, you will be able to grasp previously obscure technical ideas with ease and finally be able to capture the great shots you know are yours for the taking.


"This is an easy to read intro into DSLR photography for anyone who wants to make the step from automatic cameras. (The author) explains the parts of the camera that affect the picture... like f-stop, aperture, and shutter speed. She also provides cheat sheets for basic camera settings. Its a quick and easy read." Kathleen Landolt

"Perfect Exposure hits its target audience. It is short and only takes about 30 minutes to read. Perfect Exposure includes simple and concise definitions, descriptions, and illustrations of how a DSLR controls exposure as follows:

  • Aperture - amount of light hitting the sensor
  • Shutter Speed - amount of time light hits the sensor
  • ISO - speed the sensor absorbs light

Perfect Exposure moves quickly to illustrate how to manipulate these three controls to achieve creative effects. All of that in a 30-minute read: pretty cool. My rating is 4.5 to 5 stars." Robert M. Poston

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