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Love Poems and Flower Photographs: GARDEN OF LOVE by Anne Darling & John Hudson

The love poems and flower photographs in Garden of Love offer a rich and varied excursion into the age-old association between the worlds of passion and flowers, and lead us through love's awakening, its intensity and its passing.

by John Hudson & Anne Darling

Originally created by Anne Darling and John Hudson during many hours spent in the gardens of north-west France, Garden of Love is the legacy of a moment, an enduring record that lovers everywhere will recognize and cherish.

Anne Darling has an MA in Photojournalism, Documentary & Travel Photography from the University of Bolton in England and also practices Fine Art photography. Anne has worked and exhibited in China, Beirut, Sarajevo, Andalucia, Inner Mongolia, Scotland, England and France. In 2007, she completed the photographs for her book, China's Female Imams. The photographs in Garden of Love are the result of a residency funded by the Scottish Executive in Brittany, France in 2004.

John Hudson is a poet, installation artist and organiser of trans-national arts events. He is editor of Markings literary magazine and Director of Literature for The Bakehouse, a performance space in Scotland dedicated to the literary arts. He is a widely published author and has held writers' residencies in France, Ireland and China. His most recent collection of poetry, The Pumpkin Lantern, was published in 2008. The love poems in Garden of Love formed part of an installation at the Jardin de Rospico in north-west France.

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