About My Limited Edition Prints

Once a print is sold, the work is registered with ArtTrustOnline who issue a unique tag for the work using Bubble Tag™ technology.

Each Bubble Tag™ is made of a translucent polymer in which a set of air bubbles is randomly generated to produce a unique reference number plus a datamatrix code . Because each Bubble Tag™ is unique, it is impossible to reproduce. The tag is in the form of a small label which is placed on the reverse of the print, without damaging the work in any way. The data on each label is then recorded in the ARTTrust registry.

When you buy a limited edition print, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity, issued by ArtTrustOnline, in the post. The Certificate has a second label with data which can be matched to the label on the back of the print. It gives the title, artist's name and edition number, and is signed and dated by me personally. As the print is registered with ArtTrustOnline (www.arttrustonline.com/en) you can verify the authenticity of the work at any time.

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