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Mongolia Pictures

mongolia pictures mongolian children
Life on the Mongolian Steppe Mongolian people, their food and culture

These Mongolian pictures are the result of an eight-day journey in a mini-bus that surely lacked suspension. Endless mile upon mile of Mongolian grassland in scorching temperatures, eating mutton mutton mutton from yet another sheep freshly killed right before my eyes, and sleeping on the floors of Mongolian gers (no toilets of course) left me with few romantic illusions about the way of life that Mongolian people endure but no doubts about the hospitality and sweet nature of the Mongolian people.

India Pictures

indian rickshaw beautiful photos of india
The Indian rickshaw Indian people... mostly

For someone born in Scotland, the heat of India was almost unbearable at times, even when I tried to keep in the shade and kind of slip from tree to tree when moving around. I was ill within hours of arriving, fever and an inability to keep anything down, frightened I would die in a tin hut which threatened to boil my brains during the day and left me at the mercy of mosquitoes by night. But even though I was ill, at least it wasn't malaria or some evil parasite that lingers on in your bloodstream, and in spite of all my complaints, I felt curiously at home. And yes, I would go back tomorrow at the drop of a hat!

Pictures of Zoo Animals

pictures of zoo animals in china pictures of zoo animals in france
Zoos in China Zoos in France

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