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Free Photo Montage Software

The free photo montage software on this page is a selection I have put together to tempt you. Some of them are completely free, others offer trial downloads of 30 days or so - long enough to get started on your journey to becoming a photo montage artist and to make your first free photo montage.

I have not used any of these programs personally so these are not so much recommendations as suggestions and the text given for each piece of software is in the manufacturer's words. If you try out any other free or downloadable trial software that you think would be of interest to visitors to this site, drop me a line and I will add it to this list.

Magic Photo Editor 5.4 easily blends your digital photo onto another picture (a landscape picture etc). You can also add frames, cliparts, cartoon pictures or write your comments on the photo. It comes with 2180 masks, 100 clipart images, 180 cartoons, 100 frames and 60 outlines for you to add to your photo.

sample photo montage
The Golden Cup Bearer Photo Montage by Anne Darling

Photo Effects Studio is a new program that will easily change your photos with the help of hundreds of unique filters. Just select the necessary effect and enjoy the perfect result. The program allows you to add fantastic glows and fog, generate the effects of rain, snow, lightning and a starry night... You will be able to create the effect of an old photo, pencil drawing, mosaic, engraving, book illustration and much more!

PhotoStudio 5.5: This program is for fast and easy photo browsing and has awesome new enhancements and special effects. Stack multiple images and text layers one atop another to create awesome photo blends and designs. The Clone tool makes it easy to paint over smudges, tears, and other photo blemishes. Also included are multiple Undo/Redo commands, 3D text, more than 40 special effects, photo printing, and universal file-format support.

Ulead PhotoImpact XL gives you the most innovative image editing tools for the PC. Edit, manage and share digital photos, plus so much more. More digital photography tools, more filters and effects, more content and more learning resources. Everything you need to produce professional results fast.

ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6: ArcSoft's world-renowned, affordable photo editing application PhotoStudio now includes more advanced features. ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 is a powerful imaging editing application with new features to help you enhance, manage, print, and get creative with your digital photos. PhotoStudio 6 offers intelligent, yet easy-to-use tools such as Face Beautify, Magic-Cut, and Magic-Film along with the editing tools that you have come to love in PhotoStudio.

Try searching for "digital art" using Amazon's search box to get inspiration for your photomontages!

kjClipper is a photo editing tool that allows you to cut out, clip, modify, and resize selections from a graphic image. Use the mouse to define any irregular shape; kjClipper smoothly cuts the selection as an object that can be pasted, transformed or manipulated. Ideal for photo editing, montages and collages, scrapbooking. Features: clip, blend, change color, resize, rotate, pespective, text, brush, color reduction, object grouping, etc.

PhotoMix is digital scrapbooking and photo collage software. It allows you to create and print scrapbook layouts quickly and easily. Automate your work with compositions, enhance photos with effects, spice up your creation with borders, backgrounds and clipart. When you are finished with your work you can save it as digital file (jpg, gif, tiff, etc.) , set as computer desktop wallpaper, send photo via email, or print it out.

Photo Builder is an efficient tool for image editing, merging, processing, designing. You can draw with the magic pen, add art text with 40 kinds of transform, smoothly blend two or more pieces of images together. Photo Builder can insert art text with a single color, gradient fill, textures and shadow .

ArcSoft Funhouse helps you seamlessly combine two or more photos to create funny or realistic scenes. Add captions, titles and quotes. Full text editing lets you include colorful taglines and descriptions. The intuitive and easy-to-follow interface makes creating your Funhouse images pain-free. Mask out areas of a photo to create your template. Comprehensive tools let you mask precise areas. Blur tools create effective blends so that photos don't look pieced together.

ImageElements Photomontage: Now you can create a montage style effect from a single picture without needing to use an expensive photo tool to do the job! With ImageElements Photomontage you can use various layered styles and even instant photo appearance to create a montage effect. Let the computer create the montage for you automatically or use the custom mode and decide how you want it to appear. Apply tilting and shadow effects to bring your images off the page. (NOTE: This is not free photo montage software and there is no free download but at only USD $9.99 I thought it worth including here.)

Patchwork is a feature rich tool to create and compile a seamless photo montage which can be used to tile or border the background of your home page, desktop, CD-covers or for many other uses. You can set transparency for individual images, rotate them, change layers, apply various filters and more. It also comes with a shuffle feature, that will create a random collage from your images. The results can be exported to image file, printed, set as wallpaper or compiled into a wallpaper changer application that can be used to distribute your custom creations.

AKVIS Chameleon is an efficient tool for photo collage creation. This ingenious software makes the process easy and entertaining. Earlier one had to thoroughly select an object for pasting into a new background; with AKVIS Chameleon, this tedious part of the work is taken care of. You can concentrate on the creative part and forget about complicated selection techniques. AKVIS Chameleon is a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo, Photo Impact, etc. There are four modes:

  1. Montage: This mode is good for creating photo collages with people
  2. Chameleon: In this mode the program adjusts the inserted object to the target image color range and smoothes the object's borders
  3. Blend: Use this mode if you want to "dissolve" the inserted image in the background
  4. Emersion: The pasted fragment embeds into the background so that only certain parts of the fragment are visible

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I've also put together a list of web sites offering free photos to help you to create your photo montages. Have fun!

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