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Free Photo Hosting Websites

There are many free photo hosting websites available and more are appearing all the time. I have put together a list below of the 12 I think are the best of those currently available. They all offer either free starter accounts or free unlimited storage. Some of the free photo hosting sites offer a photo sharing gallery, a slide show and video sharing.

My Top 12 free photo hosting websites:

Free Website

1. Wix tops my list as it is the most stylish of the lot and has a wide variety of gorgeous templates to choose from, but more importantly Wix sites are especially suitable for photographers whether amateur or professional.

2. Zenfolio is another outstanding company whose sites are great for visual orientated people such as photographers. Zenfolio offers a free, two-week trial without needing a credit card to get started. You get a fully functional account that allows you to try all the features they offer and allows you to keep all your settings and photos if you decide to continue beyond the trial period.


  • Professional websites for professional photographers
  • Free starter account
  • 150 MB storage
  • E-commerce option - 30% fee on sales
  • Social sharing tools
  • Advanced SEO
  • Flickr

  • Nice interface
  • The biggest on the internet - over 4 billion photos already hosted
  • Flexible privacy controls - sharing images is simple and secure
  • Partnered with Picnik to allow integrated editing of photos
  • Imgzzz

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  • Free - 1GB storage
  • Maximum 1000 photos
  • maximum image size 12 MB
  • KoffeePhoto

  • Free - 500 MB storage
  • Create your own online store and sell your photos, T-shirts etc
  • Uses PayPal
  • Blog feature lets you easily add news
  • InselPix

  • Unlimited number of images allowed
  • 25,600 MB of storage
  • Mejuba

  • Completely free - no monthly quotas
  • No advertising on the site
  • Stores originals, no compression
  • Videos as well as photos
  • File size 1 GB max
  • Geo-tag your photos
  • FreeImageHosting

  • No registration required
  • Max file size 3 MB
  • Hot linking to your website allowed
  • VillagePhotos

  • No image size limit
  • Private albums and photos
  • PGN, BMP, GIF and JPEG support
  • Easy to navigate public photo albums
  • PhotoBucket

  • Free, built-in image editor with lots of special effects
  • Slideshows/albums
  • Free hosting for photos and videos
  • Make collages
  • ImageShack

  • Bulk uploader
  • ImageShack toolbar for Firefox and IE - drag and drop, right-click upload etc
  • No registration required

  • More Helpful Stuff

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