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Free image downloads, free photo downloads, audio, clip-art, and more. Please contact me if you find new sites which I can add to this list as it will help other creative people. The sites are listed in alphabetical order so that you can easily find them in the future. You may want to bookmark this page for ease of use.

  1. Abstract Influence: stock photo section - need to check whether or not they are entirely free before using
  2. most of the photos are from amateur photographers - make sure you save the images to your own server
  3. Burning Well: free public domain images
  4. Cepolina: free photo archive mostly images of nature and travel
  5. CGTextures: amazing selection of textures - need to register first
  6. David Niblack: yep, more free photos - 1600x1200 or 3072x2048
  7. DeviantArt: good section with free stock images but check the individual photographer/artist's rules as some only allow you to use their images within the DeviantArt site.
  8. Dreamstime: site has a free section where you can download high resolution RF stock images
  9. Everystockphoto: a search engine with access to 5,757,336 free fotos
  10. Freedigitalphotos: smaller size images are free, medium and large sizes need to be paid for
  11. FreeFoto: claim to be the largest collection of free images on the Internet. 131261 images with 180 sections organized into 3601 categories - enough to keep you busy!.
  12. Free Images: 5,000 free stock images
  13. FreeMediaGoo: free image downloads, audio, textures and flash
  14. Freepixels: free stock photos and images
  15. Freerangestock: need to create an account but membership is free - images are at least 2400 x 1600 - free stock photos and free textures - can be used for commercial or personal projects
  16. 10,000 free stock photos
  17. different site to the similarly-named one above - run by professional photographers who offer a large selection of photos free
  18. Imageafter: stock photos can be freely downloaded - size of the images range from 1600x1200 to 2560x1920 - most images are unprocessed files
  19. Inter Art Center: free 3d clipart, 2d media and photos
  20. Karen's Whimsy public domain images: free public domain images
  21. Lomography: photos are organised by tags, cameras, films, countries and cities - you need an account but can gain temporary access by using your Facebook or Twitter account
  22. Morguefile: to quote Morgue File "free images for your inspiration, reference and use in your creative work, be it commercial or not!"
  23. Openphoto: and yet more free photos...
  24. free public domain photo database
  25. Photorack: a lot of the images are small (640x480) but the site has a nice clean interface - worth visiting, even if they do call the images "stocked" photos!
  26. Photorogue: request an image and a volunteer will try to fulfill your request - no payment required but you can donate money if you want
  27. Photovaco: free stock photos with high resolution for both personal and commercial projects
  28. Photoxpress: free sign-up grants you 10 free downloads per day
  29. Pixelperfectdigital: around 10,000 free image downloads, photos and illustrations - also affiliated to Dreamstime but their images come up across the top of the page - the free images are below
  30. Public-Domain-Photos: 5,000 free photos and 8,000 free clip arts
  31. PublicDomainPictures: In French but offering public domain photos as well as stock library photos
  32. Public Domain Images: another site with a similar sounding name to the above two but they are all different
  33. Reusable Art: a collection of free downloadable public domain images for crafters and web designers. Not photos exactly but free drawings, paintings, and illustrations that have been rescued from materials that are out of print
  34. RGBStock: all images on are free for personal and commercial use - around 50,000 images at present
  35. Stockvault: free stock photos and images for personal, educational and non-commercial usage
  36. StockXChange: free-to-use stock photography and illustrations. Company now belongs to Getty Images but still has more than 275,000 free photos and illustrations.
  37. Unprofound: run by designers - the site has a nice interface and although it sounds odd, the photos are organised by colour
  38. US Government Photos & Images: Some free, some not so check first but a good site with some useful images
  39. Wikimedia Commons: public domain and freely-licensed educational media content which includes free photos, images, videos, and sounds clips
  40. Woophy: Woophy stands for WOrld Of PHotographY - founded by photo fans and internet designers - need to register to download photos for personal use
  41. Wylio: an all-in-one picture finder and re-sizer that searches through millions of Flickr photos that have been designated as Creative Commons works by their owners/uploaders but be sure to check the validity of the licenses when using an image.

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