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Flaming Pear Plugins: Flood Filter

Flaming Pear do some amazing plugins for Photoshop. Among my favourites is the Flood Filter which gives the effect of a submerged world.

swan lake photo montage using flaming pear flood filter for photoshop

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The landscape shot above was taken while I was out walking. I walked along a chalk path we call The Harp because of it's shape, and towards the top of the hill I spotted a bent over tree on the horizon. The clouds were rolling in and the sun was setting so the shot seemed irrestible.

I combined it with an image of a swan and applied the Flood Filter twice, once with the landscape and then a second time after adding the swan. It's important to do things in the right order else it all looks a bit odd.

Et voila! My photo montage of Swan Lake!

Flood Filter costs about 22 Euros (whatever that is in dollars!) but you can give it a try with their free download which I believe lasts 30 days - and you can do a lot in 30 days!

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