Famous Photographers

I have made a selection of famous photographers that I hope will interest you with lots of information about their works and biographies, the people who have changed the art and craft of the image and shaped the way we look at the world. One of the best ways to learn about photography is to study the Masters.

Above: Gregory Crewdson setting up a shot with his 8x10 camera on location in Pittsfield, Massachusetts at the corner of Seymour Street and Madison Avenue, 2007: Photo by Christopher Peterson

  1. Alberto Korda
  2. Annie Leibovitz
  3. Ansel Adams Biog
  4. Ansel Adams Photos
  5. Arthur Fellig
  6. Bill Brandt
  7. Cartier-Bresson
  8. Daido Loori
  9. Diane Arbus
  10. Don McCullin
  11. Dorothea Lange
  12. Edward Weston
  13. Fay Godwin
  14. Galen Rowell
  15. Garry Winogrand
  16. Helmut Newton
  17. Herman Krieger
  18. Herb Ritts
  19. James Nachtwey
  20. Jerry Uelsmann
  21. Nicéphore Niépce
  22. Lee Friedlander
  23. Lewis Hine
  24. Lewis Hine Part 2
  25. Lothar Wolleh
  26. Michael Creagh
  27. Margaret Bourke White
  28. Minor White
  29. Robert Capa
  30. Robert Frank
  31. Robert Mapplethorpe
  32. Roy DeCarava
  33. Steve McCurry
  34. Toni Frissell
  35. Walker Evans
  36. American
  37. Black
  38. Fashion
  39. Fine Art
  40. Landscape 1
  41. Landscape 2
  42. Sports
  43. Women

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