DIGITAL PHOTO BOOKS on Kindle by Anne Darling

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Owning a camera is only one half of the requirements for making a good photo. The other half is the ability to apply an understanding of the principles of design to your image. The technical side must be balanced by the artistic side, like the two wings of a bird, for your photos to excel. 

The Art of Photographic Composition is a mini-course in 30 stages to guide you to an understanding of how to work with those design principles to create great shots. They are the same principles that fine art photographers, painters and other visual artists use to express themselves. These are the rules that will enable you to create a photograph that can truly be called art. 

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This book is a blue-print for anyone who would like to learn how to create top notch photo essays. It guides you through the process of planning the essay, which different types of shot to include, how to create various types of stories ranging from a simple series to a time-sequence essay with a narrative structure, offers important technical tips specifically relevant to shooting an essay, and gives you information on how and where to share your work. This book is suitable for amateur and professional photographers with a reasonable working knowledge of their cameras. 

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Are you a street photographer or would like to be one? This Kindle guide will show you exactly how to do it: how to deal with different types of light; when to use black and white and when to use color; how to overcome fear of photographing people on the street; candid, posed and environmental portraits; which camera and lens works best; techniques such as zone focussing and shooting from the hip; the use of words and humour in street photography; and much more. 

Street Photography: A Concise Guide is suitable for anyone with a camera which can be set manually. If you have only ever used your camera in automatic modes you will find this book very useful as it shows sample settings and discusses technique. Your photographic skills will improve greatly. 

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GARDEN OF LOVE: Photographs & Poems (with John Hudson)

Garden of Love offers a rich and varied excursion into the age-old association between love poetry and flowers. Through poems and photos, the authors celebrate the nature, mystery and potency of an emotion that has enriched our lives since Adam met Eve in the Garden of Eden. 

Short, intense poems join with more than 40 beautifully conceived photographs to tell this age-old story set in a landscape of colour, intimacy and playfulness. Garden of Love dares to be passionate; it is love as lived, and every reader can identify with those personal moments that make their own lives special and profound. 

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