A tower made of pure, white ice emerged miraculously before their very eyes.

Do you need a creative photo composition comprised of different photos skillfully combined into a single composition? I am an image manipulation expert and highly experienced in realising my clients' visions. 

I can make any image that your imagination desires. Just send me your idea as either a word description or else some simple sketches/doodles. If you are not sure of how to proceed with your description/sketch, please contact me and we can discuss your needs so that I can input my own ideas. We can use high-res photos of your own or photos from Adobe Stock with whom I have an account.

Price 150 USD or EUR, payable via Paypal only. I will provide up to 3 free images and 4 revisions. Further images are 5 USD or EUR per image. Turnaround is normally 5 working days.

Scroll down to see samples of previous photo montages or if you already have an idea, you can contact me here and we can get started straight away!

The pelicans witnessed a miraculous event on that fateful day.
She decided to gather up as many dolphins as she could carry.
The Macropus sisters are cheerleaders for the Socceroos, the Australian soccer team, and always wear the team's colours of green and yellow when they go to a match.
Dreaming of the Sea
Always remember you are loved
Princess Fishtails managed to escape the pirate by hailing a passing Water Taxi.
Homo Pisces Volens (Flying Fish Man)
Comfort-loving Bulldog.
Spirit of the Raven
Swimming to Freedom
Journeying Among the Stars

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