the art of photographic composition

By working through this book you will build a body of knowledge, both theoretical and practical, which will lead you to a mastery of the art of photographic composition. I guarantee your photos will improve and you will be able to express yourself more creatively and capture images that are visually compelling and truly artistic.


"We will be using this book in our Photography Guild seminars and for our monthly themes. Many thanks for providing this helpful and beautiful book."  Sue Schwer, Down-the-Shore Photography Guild

"In addition to being filled with stunningly gorgeous photographs, The Art of Photographic Composition contains simple but excellent instructions to help you improve your own composition skills. Focusing on concepts such as scale, negative space, and metaphor, photographer/author Anne Darling explains how to achieve stellar results." Susan Vik, Boston Discovery Guide 

"I recommend buying The Art of Photographic Composition by Anne Darling. You'll learn how to effectively use geometric shapes, motion, light and space to compose more interesting photos. The exercises included will inspire you to experiment with your photography. I guarantee you'll look through your lens differently after reading this book." Delia White, Discover Santa Barbara 

"The author breaks down all the elements of the picture and explains the rules that organize the composition. The exercises are simple, doable, and great for engaging a beginner or intermediate photographer in their practice for better composition. I enjoyed reading it and I recommend it." Simone Severo

"I found this book absolutely wonderful, mainly because I could understand exactly what the author was talking about and, with my knowledge of photography prior to reading the book, that was no mean feat! If you feel it's time to experiment with your camera settings and to really understand how to take super pictures, this book spells it all out for you in easy-to-grasp language. It's divided up into 30 digestible sections, each containing simple instructions, example graphics, and finishing with an exercise for you to practise." Linda Plummer

"The author did a great job of giving a total beginner like me the tools to start taking great pictures. This book will help anyone get beyond the "point and click" photography and help you get the most out of your camera. The practice exercises were great, and after going through this book, I feel like I'll be able to do a much better job of using my camera to get some great pictures. " M.W.

"Although I've been a travel writer and photographer for a long time now, you can always learn something new so when I saw this very affordable Kindle book, I thought I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did as it's an excellent introduction and tutorial on what photographic composition is all about, and how to make your own photos better. It's very accessible, so I think absolute beginners would benefit from it, but it doesn't talk down to you so even more experienced photographers will get something from it.

I did read this on my iPad, not my Kindle, so it benefited from seeing the author's own photos in color and being able to enlarge them easily. They're really good photos too, which show the author knows what she's talking about, and they're well-chosen to illustrate the different points she's making. They're inspiring too, and help teach you what you should be looking for, how to spot a potentially good photo, and how to make the most of it.

"I think anyone remotely interested in photography would improve their skills with this book." Mike Gerrard

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