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ACDSee Pro & Photo Manager 12

Are you looking for the best digital photography software around? At a reasonable price? Do you want software that is easy to use and has a friendly interface?

Would you like to create lots of photo effects at the click of a mouse? Find any photo on your hard-drive with great speed?

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If so, ACDSee might be just what you need. I use ACDSee Pro all the time for tweaking photographs that didn't turn out exactly as I had intended and for most of my post processing tasks. You can also get really creative with tools that do things to your photos such as converting them to sepia, adding blur, cloning, and so on.

Speed is one of ACDSee's great assets and I can find my photos really quickly, even if they are on a DVD or external hard drive. ACDSee creates a data-base which automatically catalogues each image that you import from your camera. When you type in a keyword or file name, it finds it for you straight away - great if like me you have thousands of photos!

Another reason I think ACDSee have the best digital photography software around is the great tools for adjusting exposure and balancing light and dark areas. You can use the tools on auto or custom adjust them yourself. Sometimes this is just what I need to bring the image closer to what I imagined it would look like rather than what I actually shot. And the best thing about it this tool is that it incorporates what's called non-destructive editing meaning changes are alway reversible.

There are loads of other features for when you have more time to explore. Things like drop shadows, text, vignetting and so on. And if you want to store your photos online, ACDSee gives you a free account with 2 GB of personal online space. You just drag and drop your files into your personal storage space and then you can share them with your friends - or the whole world if you want!

I have been using ACDSee for many years now - it's dependable software and problem free. And so easy to use. Most importantly, you can try it out FREE so there is no risk to you.

Decide for yourself if this really is the best digital photography software around. ACDSee is offering a FREE 30-day Trial of ACDSee Photo Manager 12 or a FREE 30-day Trial of ACDSee Pro 3best digital photography software acdsee , and you don't need a credit card for the download.


Not sure which one is best for you? In summary, ACDSee Photo Manager 12 helps you keep track of all your photos, has easy-to-use editing tools, and lets you store your photos online.

ACDSee Photo Manager 12 - Learn more

ACDSee Pro 3 does all that plus it lets you customise the way you manage your database, has tools for managing metadata, non-destructive editing, supports RAW files, and takes post processing to a professional level.

ACDSee Pro 3

If you're still not sure which free trial to choose, check out their website which has a comparison chart with all the features listed. Any of the links on this page will take you to the site.

ACD Systems- The makers of ACDSee Photo Manager 12

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