Adobe Photoshop Software
and Other Photo Editors

1. Learn Photoshop in a Day - a book review

In this e-Book review I inspect the author's somewhat extravagant claim that he can teach you how use Adobe Photoshop in a single day. Is it really possible? If Photoshop were that simple it probably wouldn't be worth buying! But I think what Wherrett  is really trying to say is that you can grasp Photoshop... 

2. Free Photo Montage Software

The free photo montage software on this page is a selection I have put together to tempt you. Some of them are completely free, others offer trial downloads of 30 days or so - long enough to get started on your journey to becoming a photo montage artist and to make your first free photo montage... 

3. Photoshop Contests

Photoshop contests are becoming increasingly popular, particularly within the blogging community. To take part in a contest, you sometimes have to pay a small fee but many are free and often there are prizes to be won. You don't have to have Photoshop running on your computer to enter one - if you use GIMP or other photo editing software then that... 

4. Free Photo Editor Downloads

The free photo editor downloads listed here include Photoshop and Corel which are 30-day trials. The other two free downloads, GIMP and, are freeware so once you download it, it's yours to keep for all time without any further obligation...

5. Photo Montage Ideas

Looking for photo montage ideas? Would you like to become a photomontage artist? I've put together a sample photo montage for you to help get your creative juices flowing plus a video tutorial on object extraction and some sample ideas from other photo montage artists...

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