2008 Sichuan Earthquake

2008 Sichuan Earthquake is a photo-essay by Chinese photographer Li Jin who visited Sichuan some time after the earthquake of 5th May 2008 which devastated so many lives.

Before the disaster, tourism contributed to more than 10 per cent of Sichuan's GDP but the industry has since slumped.

In addition to fewer travellers, the tourism industry needs to find about 70 billion yuan to repair damaged facilities which is approximately the same amount as the industry earned in one year before the disaster.

So if you are planning to travel to China, do consider Sichuan as a destination. By making the trip, you can contribute to the local economy, and the Province still holds many cultural, historical and geological wonders - and respect for the victims of the earthquake is one of the best reasons to go.

Above: Communal Washing Facility, Sichuan by Li Jin

Click on the link to read Sichuan: the Aftermath.

Project Hope Earthquake Orphan Assistance Program

Many parents died in the 8.0 magnitude earthquake in Sichuan on May 12th 2008 leaving their children orphaned. Care must still be given to these kids for them to help them deal with the past trauma, overcome the present difficulties, grow up healthy and live happy lives.

The "Project Hope Earthquake Orphan Assistance Program" is in need of monetary donations to support the orphans to continue their educations as well as to cover their living expenses until graduation from high school or college.

Annual living and education expenses are listed below based on school age.

  • Elementary school student (typically 6-12 years old): RMB3000
  • Junior high student (typically 12-15 years old): RMB5000
  • High school student (typically 15-18 years old): RMB8000

If you would like to make a donation, please use the account below, and specify the donation is being made to "Project Hope Earthquake Orphan Assistance Program One-on-One". Please also note clearly your contact information including full name, address, zip code or postcode, and phone number. A receipt will be sent to you for each donating transaction.

Cheques can be sent to:

China Youth Development Foundation, Beijing North-City, JiaoDaoKouHou Ensi Hutong, A-1, Beijing, China, 100009

Telephone: 86-10-84015969


China Merchants Bank, China Youth Development Foundation

Account Number: 862280252210001

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