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Hi, my name is Anne Darling and this website is where I share my own photographs and digital fine art, plus you will find lots of photography tips and techniques, articles on famous photographers and the history of photography, an exploration of the different genres of photography, fine art photography and more.

What You Will Find Here

Here, you can learn more about photography and digital art in every aspect, find inspiration, and enhance your creativity. Scroll down the page and click on any of the links below to begin reading.

Or if you want to contact me with any questions or suggestions relating to photography or this site, I'll be more than happy to help.

Have Your Photos Critiqued

Having a professional critique of your photos can jumpstart your photography, inspire you to greater heights and really bring out your creativity. Uploading your photos is very easy and the feedback is always constructive and kind. If you prefer, you can read the critiques I have written for other amateur photographers, and still learn a huge amount. Find out how it works.

Table of Contents

Photography Tips Blog
My photography tips blog includes a wide range of photography techniques and tips, plus articles on photography history, famous photographers and more!
Photographic Services
Photographic Services: property photography, photo restoration, photo critiques, fine art prints
Photo Montages
Photo montages
Photography Tips & Techniques | How to take Good Pictures
Great photography tips such as how to improve photographic composition, beginning photography tips, tips for taking digital photography
Photo Composition
Photo composition: basic composition, principles, philosophy of composition, portrait composition and more
Photography Genres - a Guide
Photography genres - a short guide to photography, exploring genres such as abstract photography, social documentary, urban photography, photojournalism, street photography and war photography.
Street Photography
Street photography has the ability to capture deeply personal moments enacted in public places. Images captured often appear incongruous with their surroundings, evoking surprise.
Photography History
Learn photography history and all about the great inventions and people who shaped the history of the camera
Social Documentary Photography: Articles & Photoessays
Social documentary photography articles, photo essays and other items of interest. Just follow the links below.
Famous Photographers
Famous photographers - their works and biographies, the people who have changed the art and craft of the image and shaped the way we look at the world - learn from the masters
Famous Photographs
Famous photographs: some of the world's most important and inspirational images such as Migrant Mother, Tiananmen Square 1989, Afghan Girl, Falling Man and many more...">
Portrait Photography Tips and Techniques
Portrait photography tips to hlep you improve your portrait technique when making portraits, photographing children, maternity shots, sensual portrait photography, and more
Photoshop Art
Photoshop art - create digital images using your own photos - learn the art of Photoshop now!
Photography and Spirituality
Photography and spirituality may seem strange companions but there are many traditions such as Buddhism, Christianty and Taoism which...
Starting a Photography Business
Starting a photography business
Photography News
Up-to-the-minute news in the photography world
Resources list of photography education and ineresting photography sites
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